Britannia Apprenticeships



Today's economic climate is challenging for most businesses - what Apprenticeships offer is an alternative and effective route for your organisation to develop its talent pool and invest in people who will grow with your business.

Apprentices can and do make a positive impact on businesses across all industry sectors in the UK. Britannia Apprenticeships Ltd is here to make it easier for employers to benefit from having Apprentices working in their businesses.


Apprenticeship Facts

  • 80% Companies who invest in Apprentices have reported a significant increase in employee retention
  • 77% of employers believe Apprenticeships make them more competitive
  • 76% of those employers who employ Apprentices agree they make their workplace more productive
  • 81% of consumers favour using a company which takes on Apprentices
  • Employers who take on an Apprentice only pay their salary. The Government will fund their training
  • 92% of employers who employ Apprentices believe that Apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce
  • 83% of employers who employ Apprentices rely on their Apprenticeships programme to provide the skilled workers that they need for the future

Why hire an Apprentice?

Apprenticeships provide employers with a great opportunity to invest in their workforce’s development and growth by upskilling their current staff or by recruiting new employees from a pool of motivated, talented and enthusiastic people at an affordable rate, Employers with the foresight to invest in their workforce through Apprenticeships will be investing in their business’s short, medium and long term future. With quality training and staff development the Apprentices of today will soon become the invaluable people responsible for driving your business forward tomorrow.

With incentives from the Government and some Local Authorities an ever increasing number of businesses are now and taking on Apprentices to increase and develop their workforce at an affordable cost. A recent poll stated that 96 percent of businesses reported benefiting from their Apprentices.

New reforms now give employers more control to ensure that all apprenticeships are made more rigorous and responsive to meet their needs, by simplifying and strengthening the quality of the qualifications.

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